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Hey guys!
It's been so long I feel like a stranger.

Last year I didn't do much painting in my spare time, hence the long silence. This year I'm going to try and change that. And it's already off to a good start with several commissions on the go and a ton of inspiration to go with it.

Deviantart has changed SO MUCH and I'm feeling kind of lost, so bear with me. I've cleared my message backlog completely (I'm really sorry to everyone I never got around to reply to or thank...) but I figured that I needed a fresh start. This way I don't feel as overwhelmed and I can easier reply to questions or comments! My goal is to reply to all...

I'd love to know what you guys are working on, and what I've missed the past year. So if you want to post your personal favourite from last year in a comment I'll head over and comment on it :D

Hang in there!
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Hi guys!

I've been a bit of a lurker lately since I've been so busy with work and freelance (le sigh v___v).

However, I noticed the other day that I'm getting close to a 100k kiriban. O___O;;! So I thought I'd put some art up and write a general journal update for whoever is curious.

Ace trainer Seb by obsessedkitten  Ace trainer Leigh by obsessedkitten

The past year I've been one of the artists working on Pokemon Art Academy. It's been the most fun ever, and the game is released in Europe in less than a week. Very excited! If you're planning to pick it up, I'd love to see the art you create in the game - so feel free to send me a link!

Drawing the trainers above was a lot of fun and I think I might continue doing a few more. If you're interested in commissioning your own trainer portrait - drop me a note! Or you could try to catch my 100k and I'll draw you one for free :)

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Considering how little time I've spent on Deviantart lately I was really shockd (and touched) to see how many birthday messages I got last week. You guys rock :D <3

I'll try to reply to most of them, but in case I get busy or just don't manage I just wanted to say thank you here.

Sorry for being quiet! I'm working full time with games and working night time with games - for those of you who are game developers you know what this means to life. For those of you who don't... just enjoy life :)

Also, seeing as my subscription's run out... I might do a sketch for a sub :) Note me if it sounds interesting.

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84 - Objection!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 30, 2013, 5:44 AM
So, I haven't been active here for a looong looong time. This is due to this thing called life. I'm hoping to pick up my Ace attorney fan art series and blast a few more out this year, though, so keep posted!

Current paintings in the series:
Mystic Pearl by obsessedkitten Mystic Mia by obsessedkitten Mystic Maya by obsessedkitten

To celebrate the fact that I managed to kick myself hard enough to finish the latest piece in the series, below is a selection of Ace attorney fan art I've stumbled across that I enjoy. It's very mixed stuff and you'll find (really funny) comics and even a cosplay photo!!!!

What's for dinner by c-Nacarat:thumb340221736:Smooth Talker by InyuoA love that can never be by Soap-CommitteeThe Sequel Date by Soap-CommitteeTrump card Daryan by soak1111Miles gots a DS by axl99Apollo and Phoenix by soak1111Opposite Sides by Vilya0Maya by maesketchNice to meet you! by maesketchChoose your student by c-Nacarat:thumb154995405:St Nick by c-NacaratCasual day by c-NacaratMiles Ahead by InyuoAm I suited for being a Master by c-NacaratPHOENIX GRAB MY- by objections:thumb121238426:

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83 - Expo, artbooks and features

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 9:37 AM
I apologize for the extremely lame journal title, but it's approriate at least? Let's keep it short and sweet!

I will be attending London MCM Expo at the end of October, which is exciting I think. I will be sharing tables with a dear friend, so don't be shy to drop by if you happen to be going as well! I'm not yet sure about what I'll be selling. But there will be prints for sure! It would be great to say hi to some real faces.

For those who have kept updated; You can find my work in both the new Ballistic Publication 'Expose 10', as well as the fabulous Charity Artbook 'Kingdom Carousel' - which I believe might already be sold out if I'm not mistaken. To show you how proud I am, here's a photo of the lovely books:

Sorry about the shitty Ipad quality...!

On a separate note, I'm still doing Commissions, so if you're interested, don't hesitate to drop me a note! <3

Here are some amazing things I've stumbled upon that you really shouldn't miss:
bnb by jarrod343Seventh Devil by monikapaloszMermaid by hoooookDementia Behind Bars by Fredrik-RattzenKARAKURI by HasaBattleBlue Prophesy by houvv:thumb192890923:6696 by ilikeyoursensitivitysuper power by lingy-0Sordidity by adamtanartStone Territory by R-A-I-N-A-R-T

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82 - Things that happen/FEATURES

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 28, 2012, 12:07 PM
I'm proud to say that I've finally graduated from University! It's taken me a while to get around to writing this journal entry. I needed a few weeks of recovering before I could sit down and actually soak in the calm after the storm.

I haven't yet had enough time to organise my post uni life, but it is slowly taking shape. I'm working as a fulltime freelance artist, while at the same time working hard on the production of an indie game. The team I'm working in is fantastic and I feel optimistic and inspired. Motivation is high, and so is the enjoyment level. I forgot what it's like to enjoy what I do.

I'm currently waiting for EXPOSE 10, as well as KINGDOM CAROUSEL to pop down my postbox. If you've missed it, my art will be featured in both art books, so if you're interested you should pick one up. Some FANTASTIC artists will be showcased in the same artbooks, so you really don't want to miss it!

I'll keep this entry short, but would like to feature some amazing illustrations and paintings that I have come across lately:
Spindle by Hel-giMax Payne 3: Hoboken Blues by ZurdoMArrival by TitusLunter:thumb309757838:reflection by IgorKierylukvery secret garden , by megatruhLegheads by zumart

Mature Content

Snarl of thinking by zumart
New world by Katchoutefood by redpeggyEncapsulation 1 by MarkJayBeeLive Stream Fail by k04skOrganic Fascinations by jameswolfDnd - The Journeyman's hunt by Miles-JohnstonInversion by Eman333Glass Egg by HarelForgeDeath Is The Road To Awe by Mezamero

Mature Content

voura voura II by GunnerRomantic

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81 - Prints, EXPOSE 10 and good deals

Journal Entry: Wed May 30, 2012, 10:31 AM

I've finally started recovering from the expo last weekend. I don't remember last time I was so tired. =___='' too little sleep and so much people is tiring but also so exciting. Thanks to everyone who popped by my table and said hi and picked up prints. It was such a treat to see people I talk to on dA!

As expected, I've still got a few prints left over from the weekend, so I've decided to sell them off here! :D The prints below are available:

Mystic Maya by obsessedkitten Mystic Mia by obsessedkitten
Lucid by obsessedkitten Dawn by obsessedkitten Mayka 0.5 by obsessedkittenLeaving the Elusive Fields by obsessedkitten (the detail shots are not included in the print)

A3 print: £6 + postage
A4 print: £4 + postage

If you order a sketch comish, I can send you the original with the poster :) Wohooo~

Speaking of comissions; I'm graduating in just over a month, and will have to start making a living as an artist (scary!). I'm opening up commissions, so please drop me a note if you're interested.

As a starting deal, I will give you a 15% discount for every new commissioner you manage to get me (tell your friends!), or if you order more than 1 piece! Please spread the word :)


What I do:
I draw most things you find in my gallery. Just send me a note if you want me to draw something but you're not sure if I can! Head over to my commission gallery folder to get a good idea of what I do:

Here are some samples and ESTIMATE prices:
(My main currency is GBP, so other currencies will change around it)


Before the storm by obsessedkittenCoward by obsessedkitten
Mayka 0.5 by obsessedkittenTea time by obsessedkitten

Prices for a character including a Background:
230-330 usd, 150-200 gbp

Prices for a character with no Background:
155-200 usd, 100-120 gbp

Character Portrait:
130 usd, 80 gbp


Mantella by obsessedkittenNo one loves the troll by obsessedkitten
Pixie concept by obsessedkittenVincent Valentine by obsessedkitten

Prices for one full body character, no colour, no Background:
65 usd, 40 gbp

Prices for one portrait, no colour, no Background:
50 usd, 30 gbp

If you want it with simple colour (like in the example) that will be more.

Additional characters will cost you more, and so will complex backgrounds. These rates are based on how long I spend on the paintings, to give me a fair hourly rate. Please contact me  if you want a more accurate estimation.

If you request commercial work, please contact me for a detailed quote and a separate price list.

All commission work I do, or free work I do for you may be used for promotional purposes for myself, sold as prints, published in art books, published on my websites, etc. unless we have agreed on something else.

I accept payment through Paypal.

I'd also like to mention that 2 of my painting made their way into EXPOSÉ 10! Which is super exciting. :D I'm also to be found in the current issue (June) of Imagine FX. So really I'm a bit all over the place.

Thanks for reading this wall of text!

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80 - JOURNEY, changing names and magazines

Journal Entry: Thu May 17, 2012, 4:26 PM
Hai gais~

As you've all noticed, unless you've tried really hard not to, deviantart has introduced the option to change your username every 6 months. I have already received 30 or so messages in my inbox telling me that people I watch have changed their names. To my surprise, most of them so far have been high profile artists. I would have guessed that if you have a big fan base you would want to keep your original name for the sake of being easily recognised and easily found. I'm still considering changing my name. I think I'd like to change it to my real name, or something with my real name incorporated. It's odd actually... I've wanted to change my username for AGES, but now that I finally have the option, it's not that appealing any more. I guess I'm just worried people won't recognise my new name, but I hope people recognise me more for my work anyway :P I'd like to know what your opinions are on the new system, and more specifically on myself changing my username. Good idea? Bad idea? Whatever idea?

On another note; You'll be able to find my face both in the Digital Artist magazine and the Neo magazine at the moment. It's all great fun seeing my work published like that. Digital Artist have published a longon detailed tutorial from me on how to paint water, so if that is something that interests you make sure to pick a copy up! I'm hoping it's as informative as I intended it to be - and if you do pick it up, I'd love to know what you think!

Now to the exciting bit; JOURNEY. I've wanted to play the game ever since I saw the concept art/screenshots from it last year. I've literally been hyping it since. Not a great idea maybe since I'm picky as hell when it comes to games, and hyping something doesn't normally help. Anyway, I was a sneaky kitty and stole my brothers PS3 when I nipped over to Sweden just a few weeks ago, and yesterday I finally managed to sit down and try out the game.
I can't get over how good it is. It's perfect.

This give me an oportunity for a shout out: Thank you to the white cloak who patiently walked with me, waited for me, showed me the cool places, chinged with me and saved me arse more than once. It was an incredible journey <3

And here are some features before I log off. Cookie for the one who guesse the theme.

Journey by JJcanvasJourney by pacman23Journey by Rozefirejourney by joe-wrightJourney by NoctuartJourney by LeoLeusRoad Of Trials - Journey by AraDollsA Journey Together by ZorokoJourney: Light Our Darkest hour by theREDspy

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Journal Entry: Wed May 9, 2012, 7:59 AM
Hi gais~

Totally sorry for being an inactive bum the last few weeks... or months (totally lost track of time). I haven't died, promise! I'm just caught up in my final few weeks (or months...?!) of university. Wish me luck! I'm hoping to become more active again as soon as I pop out on the other side of the educational system.

As a soon to be fresh graduate, I'd really appreciate if anyone finds any good illustration/concept art job opportunities that they can tell me about. I need to start thinking about how to pay for food and rent. Mainly food.

On another note, anyone who's picked up the latest issue of Digital Artist might've recognised some of my work in there, as well as a little mug shot of me! There's a little interview in there if you're interested, but if you're more interested in educational information, you'll be able to find me in the next issue of Digital Artist, where I'm doing a fancy tutorial.

To make the title of this journal justice, I've added some of the amazing art I've stumbled across during my procrastination breaks. Finding good stuff on dA REALLY keeps me going some days.

And also, before I forget - if you're going to the London MCM expo at the end of the month, don't forget to drop by and say hi to me! I'll be somewhere. At a table. Yeah.

James Mcavoy by mynameistranListener by jeffsimpsonkhBirgit-4 by BeatrizMartinVidalsketch by tuyetdinhsinhvatThe Monkey King by monikapaloszJon Snow by TeiIkuThe Dark Tower by EredelDay # 068 by stevenrussellblack:thumb299486748:Cove by artbytheoA fallen angel and The battles by kakotomiraiCommission for Quickxyk by Silverfox5213Curiously Overdressed - Axer by JayAxerThe Prickly baby by Shizuku-Uzureach out by its-EMIL-againdeer_whispers_2 by RedGellawhere by 0BOThe Turnip Princess II by lemonflowerChain Chomp Earrings by ChibiSilverWings:thumb291834654:Tin Woodman by Hel-gi


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78 - Sketch meeting in London

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 3, 2012, 6:04 PM
For those who are curious or just very social; there will be a sketch meeting arranged in London on the 7th of April (now on Saturday). It's arranged by the ever so lovely :iconsuzanne-helmigh:. A nice group of people have already 'signed up' for it. If you live in the area and if you're interested to join, I recommend that you head over to this journal entry for more info: Sketch meeting London UK.Hi fellow artists, book your traintickets and come visit us in London! :flaguk:
Don't forget to bring your sketchbook!
:bulletblue:Date: Saturday April 7 2012
:bulletblue:Place: London, Kings Cross. (at the departure boards.)
:bulletblue:Time: 11:00
Please reply to this post if you'd like to join and I'll update you in the list. (I need a 90% sure confirmation to put you in the list)
Feel free to bring someone with you.
Where we'll be going from there depends on the amount of people that join us.
Attendants (I'll keep this up to date):
Helmighs :iconhelmighs:
U2644 :iconU2644:
ObsessedKitten :iconobsessedkitten:
KitJoYuki :iconKitJoYuki:
Jake-Labz :iconJake-Labz:
Tatitati :icontatitati:
Indigo-sorrow :iconIndigo-sorrow:
The maybe's
:iconMejony: :iconmaivale: :icontrippy210: :iconpsychocookee:
:iconmadeau: :iconcurlandgrazes: :iconnotalabaster: :iconmadratla

There is never a reason not to sketch from life or to meet new people :) (says the girl who's been sitting in this chair for 3 years nonstop)


Don't forget to preorder the Kingdom carousel artbook. To find all the previews of the artworks, head over to this gallery:…

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77 - Kingdom Carousel

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 22, 2012, 6:55 AM

Some of you might know that I've been working on my submission for the Kingdom Carousel charity artbook. Well good new everyone! The book is available for preorders now and will be shipped in July. Make sure to grab a copy. Preorder here:

100% of the proceeds from the Kingdom Carousel art book will be donated to St. Judes Research Hospital, where no child is turned down for treatment.

For more information about the project, visit the Kingdom Carousel group page: :iconkingdom-carousel:

A lot of really amazing artists will be working on this book, and there are still a few slots left if you want a chance to join. Visit the group page to find out more.

Kingdom Carousel Art Book Preview by Lumichi  Kingdom Carousel - teaser by obsessedkitten :thumb291689852: :thumb289298567:

If you're unable to buy a copy of the book or donate money to the project, it would be highly appreciated if you could spread the word to make sure everyone gets the chance to join the project or grab a copy :D


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76 - Make Kony famous

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2012, 3:55 PM
I don't normally spread causes on Deviantart. So consider this a really good one. For those of you who miraculously haven't seen this on your facebook feed yet, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch the video below and I can promise you won't regret it.

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75 - Things that happen + features

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2012, 9:12 AM
Hi everyone!

Uni has been crazy busy the last few weeks, but I'm finally starting to find time to breath a little. I'm still in the middle of my final months, but at least things are looking stable. I'm working on my final year animation and I'm really enjoying seeing it moving forward. I wish I could show you some of it, but I think I'd rather wait until it's finished :)

I'm excited to say that I'm part of the charity project Kingdom Carousel. There's a lot of amazing artists who will also take part in creating this artbook, so keep your eyes out! Head over to the group for more information: :iconkingdom-carousel:

On another note, you might see my face pop up in a coming IFX magazine. I'm not sure which one it is, but I'll let you know when I know :)

And here's some amazing artwork I've stumbled across lately. I keep finding amazing stuff on dA and I can't stop myself from sharing! It's quite a wintery, gloomy pallette, but that's the mood I'm in recently~ In a positive way of course!

Ship Concept by sundragon83:thumb286281062:Little Red Reading Hood by mynameistranKate Zueva by NerySoulraider speedie by EthicallyChallenged:thumb283359901:rocks by rudebimmerRukia - part of new art by RilantroDualla by siljepedersenlc1es bu by aortaFXlife in color by NerySoul:thumb284295630::thumb285207596:Itchy - 01 by gunnmgallyCosmic Girl by gunnmgallyscifiwhitelight by CrankBot'Real Life' Princess Jasmine by JirkaVinseBecause by ElifKarakocnot really, Neil by jabberholicWolfgang Llamadeus Mozart by DSSiege11Gang 2 by EduardVisanCowboy steampunk by LASAHIDOBeach Girl by zaidoigresThe chase by Pervandr

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74 - Ace Attorney 5

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2012, 4:04 PM
I don't like updating my journal too often, but these news are too good not to share. ----->…

I'm not an Apollo Justice fan, and I'm assuming the 5th game will be an Apollo one... but hey, it may be better than the first one :)

And on a similar note, I was recently featured on Capcom's website, with my Maya Fey fanart. Check it out here:…


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73 - DD, featured and features

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2012, 4:16 AM
I woke up to a DD today which was a really nice surprise. I'm really grateful and I'd like to thank my dearest friends :iconthelandobros: for suggesting me and :iconalexandrasalas: for featuring. Thank you!!
Mystic Maya by obsessedkitten

Also, I've been featured over at Artfreck where I am talking about one of my paintings:… . Thank you to :iconthe-phoenicorn: for featuring me.

There will be another Comic expo held in London in May :) I'd like to know who's going? I may be sharing a table with a friend this time (for real XD ) So it would be nice to meet up.

Some features!

Water grasp by IgorKieryluk

Mature Content

1 by annashakina
ambush by tahramarket street by tahra:thumb281103731:Across the divide by GerwellCollab with Falk II by Gerwell:thumb280879484:Cautarea by a14onymusBlacklight by armenethe garden of the aftermath by alterlierSuper Meat Boy by TheLandoBros

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72 - No sounds here (feature)

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2012, 1:29 PM
My flat is very silent. I generally don't listen to music when I work, and lately my throat has been killing me, so I'm not making any sounds. I'm currently working on a lot of new stuff, but I thought I'd take a break and put together a feature of some amazing work I've come across lately:


The new world by leventep Isoler by adamtanartlovers.. . .. . by laura-makabreskuCinderella by bagger043Portrait of a moment by sfantooThe scream by EKukanovashards eye by surthurSpeed Painting01 Encounter by T-razzFaerie 01 by jeffsimpsonkh:thumb278870229:Eros by MischievousMartianLuminae by cellar-fcp:thumb277933687:Sly Fox Trio by SethFitts

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71 - Sharing

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2012, 1:56 PM
It is way too late to write a new years entry now, so I wont. I will however still say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all before I continue :D

I'd like to share two things. Firstly, Ballistic publishing is holding another 'competition' of sorts for their next publication 'Expose 10'. For those of you who, like me, completely forgot to submit artwork to their last book, Exotique 7, here's your second chance. For those of you that did submit to Exotique 7... err.. this is another chance! Anyway, here's the link:…
If anyone could tell me whether or not they accept fanart, I'd be delighted to know. Since their FAQ section is quite limited in information.

On another note, Crossed Genres publications are doing a givaway for 3 ARC copies of their publicatioin 'Fat Girl in a Strange Land'. Follow this link if you want the chance to grab a free copy, and do it now, since the giveaway ends on Friday (and it's really popular it seems!):…
Some of you may remember the cover art I made for the magazine. You can find it in my gallery, but as you may notice, the actual magazine used the version of the artwork that I didn't submit to dA :)

That's all! And check out my latest painting of Maya Fey! I'm totally Phoenix Wright fangirling lately ^3^

Mystic Maya by obsessedkitten


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70 - TIME

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2011, 4:18 AM
Dear santa, can I have more time for christmas?

It's so freaky how this year is just disappearing. I'm NOT ready to graduate yet! I NEED TO LOOK FOR JOBS :(

This is really just another update on nothing, because I heard you like those. Christmas break is closing in and I just know it will be PACKED with dissertation writing and other nice uni related gifts. London is getting cold, but Oxford street is missing me so I may pick up my skinny purse and head that way soon for some Christmas shopping. What do you guys want for Christmas??

For more exciting news, pick up the Christmas IFX issue (77) to find me on the DVD. Fun! :D

And for this rounds feature, a selection of amazing stuff:
cat07 by grimayBioshock by ron-guyattReach by moosekleenexLoh by ViccolatteFlute by masateruCammy White SF4_3 by masateruInner by Sin-AmberGreat Idea Kitty by ZeroNisPamina Character 2 by ZeroNisAway from light by fdasuarezbeachrobo by surthur.:Behind The Glass Window:. by MissLaurelleGold and Blue Flower Tea Set by DRSpacemancorps etranger preview by missusrousselee

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69 - Someone stole my coca cola

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 19, 2011, 5:16 PM
Yes. This is true. And I'm not happy :(

Apart from that very interesting bit of information; Things are speeding up in life. I'm working on three university projects simultaniously, as well as trying to keep up with my personal painting. I wish I had more time to do... EVERYTHING! But I don't. As well as that, I'm starting to feel an artblock heading my way. Sometimes I see it in the corner of my eye. It scares me :(

To keep it away, I spoon feed myself with amazing artwork that I stumble across here. It's about time I did another feature, so check out the artwork at the end of this entry! Along with the artblock I'm in one of those moods of doubt, wondering if my improvement curve has stopped lately. I'm in a place where the next step is a big one, and I think I'm currently mustering up enough energy for it. Improvement is in order, but how?

My 50k kiriban is drawing close. I'm promising a painting to whoever catches it so keep your eyes peeled for it.

And finally, here are some amazing work worth looking through!
Lachesis Moirae by telthona:thumb269518181::thumb269521323:New Life by toerningpredatory by xdragonflyxMercy by PeteMohrbachertherapy by satiiivawindy by satiiiva

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Livestream: OFFLINE

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 23, 2011, 12:21 PM

I know I've been lurking a lot lately... but I've found a gap in my crazy schedule, and I decided to do a bit of scribbling tonight. I'd love to catch up with some of you guys - or have a chat with any new followers :)
Pop by my channel and fire questions or comments my way as I dust off my painting skills... again. Expect frustration as I paint a portrait of FemLink!

Stream page:…

See ya there!


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